Make up to $20,000 more in 2024 without increasing your revenue

Sign up today for the only workshop designed to help you drive up profit without raising prices OR working more.

Make up to $20,000 more in 2024 without increasing your revenue

Sign up today for the only workshop designed to help you drive up profit without raising prices OR working more.

Are you constantly going over budget in your marketing agency or struggling to scale because finances are tight? It's time to turn this around!

Do you find yourself...

Find Cash in 7 Days is the workshop you need to finally stop the struggle, rein in your spending, and get ready to SCALE!

Meet Anna Tuchin

Hi, I’m Anna Tuchin. I’m an expert bookkeeping professional who offers advanced financial advisory and tailored bookkeeping support to digital marketing professionals and agency owners. The Trusted Bookkeeper offers high level financial support for marketing professionals who want to stop second guessing their business decisions and finally grow their business beyond their wildest dreams. We help our clients achieve their goals by cleaning up their finances, slashing unnecessary costs, and strategizing for greater profits. Now, I’m helping you implement many of these principles on your own with Find Cash in 7 Days!

Anna Tuchin

Find Cash in 7 Days is the exact method I use to boost my clients' profit. Look what my clients have to say about our work together!

Want to start slashing expenses and drive up profits just like these agency owners?

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Find Cash in 7 Days is a short but powerful workshop that shows you exactly how to:

What's included?

What's included?

Frequently Asked Questions

This workshop is for marketing professionals and agency owners who are finally ready to take their business to the next level! Companies making over $100K per year will see the biggest impact from this workshop, but businesses at any level will benefit from the process I teach to drive up profitability.

I’ve met so many agency owners who are struggling to scale because of cash flow and profitability barriers. I created Find Cash in 7 Days to share with coaches in my network who want to help their students succeed with their finances. I’m choosing to give it away for free to anyone who needs it because I want to help them identify their needs and strategize for growth.

Anna Tuchin is the owner of The Trusted Bookkeeper, a QuickBooks Pro Advisor, and an expert at agency bookkeeping. She and her team support dozens of agency owners with their finances each year, and she will be your guide through this entire process!

Nope! This workshop is designed for people who are DIYing their books, and there is no hard sell. You may decide that you could use some support with your finances, and if you do, we’re here to help! But, none of these steps necessitate hiring a bookkeeper, and of our advice can be applied without hiring us. 

Absolutely! Some specialized bookkeeping firms, like The Trusted Bookkeeper, offer tailored advice based on your industry, but other bookkeeping professionals and firms may provide more generalized advice. If you need support with agency-specific cost reduction strategies, Find Cash in 7 Days is perfect for you!

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