To scale your

Digital Marketing Agency

You'll need a trusted bookkeeping partner

Whether you’re still doing your own bookkeeping, or you aren’t getting the answers and support you need with your current provider, I will kindly tell you that:

➤  You can let go of the details that you don’t enjoy

➤  You are likely missing bookkeeping metrics that make a difference

➤  You could be basing business decisions on inaccurate data

➤  You are spending your time on work that should be delegated 

➤  You have unnecessary stress when approaching tax time

It’s Ok. Most of us start our businesses by doing everything ourselves. That’s fine for the beginning stages of business, but we get in the mental routine of thinking that’s how we do business.

What was working well enough in those days isn’t getting you what you want now. It’s time for a change!


“I highly recommend working with Anna if you need bookkeeping help. I’ve run my own agency for the last 2 1/2 years and I’m embarrassed to admit, I never managed my books. Anna was never judgmental and helped me create a plan to reduce my expenses, pay my credit cards, and pay myself consistently. I’m so excited to have found Anna.”

Lucy Vincent Stevens

One Simple Change

The good news is that one simple change will lighten your workload, give you confidence in the accuracy of your books, and relieve the stress you’ve been experiencing. The answer is to delegate your bookkeeping to a professional.

You don’t have to do this alone.

Hate Bookkeeping?

My clients tell me they hated doing their bookkeeping but didn’t realize there was a better way—an easier way. They got behind because they always found something more inspiring or urgent to do with their time. They made mistakes—sometimes without even knowing it until we took a serious look at the accuracy of their books. 

Once they turned the dreaded bookkeeping tasks over to me, I could immediately sense a renewed energy and relief in their language and their expectations for the future of their business.


Anna did an amazing job of cleaning up my very messy books for 2021 and got me on the right foot for 2022! She is so responsidve and explains everything. Highly recommend!

Logan Montague

Hello, I’m Anna Tuchin, owner of The Trusted Bookkeeper.

I am a national bookkeeping professional serving as a trusted partner for my clients, so they are confident in the reliability of their books and their financial wellbeing. I save them time to pursue their mission and make wise business decisions by knowing their numbers. 

Now, they can leverage their growth opportunities with confidence and accurate data. There are no more delays in getting the books in order, and there’s no more wondering about what might have been missed or misrepresented. 

Poor information can stop you in your tracks—or worse yet, fuel decisions and launch programs that are based on wrong assumptions. I want you to make the best decisions—for you, your business, and your clients.

Here’s what clients had to say:

What type of clients does Anna Tuchin serve?

I work with service-based professionals, digital marketers, social media agencies, and solopreneurs who have a vision for their business but don’t have the time or expertise to manage their business finances with clarity.

If you love your business but don’t love the bookkeeping, let’s talk. There’s a better way. We can get you out from under all that stress and help you fall in love with your business all over again.

Maybe you’re like Joanne and know that you need professional guidance to move to the next level of your business. Here’s what she had to say:


“Anna Tuchin is highly qualified at bookkeeping and has two characteristics I need most right now: professionalism and patience. I am upgrading my accounting to reflect the expansion of the business and I certainly appreciate that she helps me put my best foot forward in managing the financial aspects of the consulting work. I also appreciate her patience because I need to be walked through new things sometimes multiple times – such as digital payroll or other digital transfers to make, etc. She is always patient.” 

Joanne Henry

My clients tell me that our conversations are comfortable—and they are always confidential. I know what it’s like to build a business and understand the pitfalls.  If you are ready to eliminate the roadblocks and gain traction in your business, I’m here for you!

What If?

If you don’t start now, where will you be in six months? Will your business look the same? Will you be facing the same regrets? Would you be happy with that?


What if you made a decision to set yourself free of the bookkeeping burden? What if you decided to work from an authentic financial perspective and accept only the best for your business going forward? 

Looks like fantastic opportunities are in store for you!

I’m here for you and want to see you moving strategically forward with all the expertise you deserve!

Don’t just take my word for it…


“Before working with Anna, I had no clue about how to approach my business finances. I was always behind on my taxes, didn’t even know what my bottom line was, and always creating a mess with my books. Working with Anna has fundamentally changed how I run my business. Anna is truly my partner when it comes to finances. I run all my financial decisions by her, and she provides so much value to my business. She is SUPER responsive and always provides an in-depth analysis of any question or decision I bring her way. I cannot recommend Anna’s services enough. She is dependable, trustworthy, and responsive to all my business needs.”


Clients Include:

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